A beautiful cozy home in Roseville San Diego California
Residents of the Roseville community enjoy access to the neighborhood Starbucks.
This small cozy home is located in a peaceful neighborhood in Roseville in San Diego
beautiful single story home with spacious rooms and large dinning and sitting room resides in Roseville Neighborhood in the city of San Diego
village plaza in Roseville Community, walking distance from the residential area.
cozy single family homes for Sale in Roseville neighborhood
View of the commercial area near the homes in Roseville San Diego
Houses for sale in Roseville Community of San Diego
This small building has numerous shops catering to the needs of Roseville
This modern Condo building resides in Roseville neighborhood, near to public transport routes and commercial center
This is the Sport Fishing Landing Sign near the docks in Roseville Neighborhood in San Diego California
This small cozy home resides on a peaceful street with no direct traffic coming through the street in Roseville Neighborhood
This is the Sand N Sea Liquor store in the Roseville Neighborhood